Topic 3: Looking at the future: What will YOU do?

Activity 2

Type : Free Text/Self-Reflection/Group Discussion

Question: In the previous section, you watched the stories of some inspiring modern women who excel as STEM scientists.

Besides presenting their field of work, all of these women took the time to express what inspires them, what led them to choose their studies and career paths, and what kind of change they wanted to bring to the world. 

Now, let’s focus on you.

  • What inspires YOU?
  • What change do YOU want to bring to the world?

These may be the most important questions one can ask themselves before choosing their profession.

Take 10 minutes, relax, and note down your thoughts on these personal questions. You may keep your thoughts to yourself or present them to the rest of the class – the choice is yours. 

Activity 3

Type : Quiz


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