Topic 1: Self Reflection

Watch the following video: 

Explore the virtual exhibition shown below. To visit the gallery click here:


Click here to visit the online exhibition

Type : Free Text/Self-Reflection

Question: The video you watched showcases the work of important female STEM scientists throughout history, while at the same time highlighting the problems these women had to face because of the gender gap in STEM. 

The virtual exhibition you explored features the visions and work of eight women of the present time, across Europe and Central Asia, working in different ways to give women more opportunities, justice, and power in their communities. 

Spend 20 minutes taking in what you have experienced in this introductory unit and writing down your personal answers to the questions shown in the next slide. You may share your answers with the class if you want, but that’s not necessary.

The main purpose of these questions is to help you see your current state when entering this unit so that you can explore whether any of your answers will change after completing the unit. 

A) What do you think of when you hear “Women in STEM”?

B) What do you think that this unit, named “Women in STEM”, will be about?

C) What comes to mind when you hear the word “scientist”?

D) Do you think you could be a STEM scientist one day?