Module 6: Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence is the Future (?) /// Learning Objectives Introduce to the girls the fundamental ideas behind AI and its practical uses in a variety of fields. To instill girls’ self-esteem and support them to take an active role in STEM domains, such as AI development and application. To motivate girls to see themselves as future STEM leaders, especially […]

Module 5: Data Science and Analytics

Learning Objectives Identify what is Data Science step by step Identify the set of skills a person needs to be data scientist Identify the ethics and the challenges that might arise Recognise the practical implications of data science to daily use of applications Understand the set of methods a data scientist that constitute the general […]

Module 4: Women in STEM

Module Learning Objectives Reframe the way they think about women in STEM by critiquing their own views and possible acquired stereotypes regarding science as a career path and scientists as professional role models (evaluate). Identify at least three (3) prominent female STEM scientists of the past and some of their thoughts (knowledge). Briefly describe the […]

Module 3: Sustainable Engineering and Role of Women in STEM

Source: Getty Images/ Stockphoto Learning Objectives Welcome to the Module 3: Sustainable Engineering and Role of Women in STEM ​At the end of this module, you will be able to:​ understand the relation between sustainable engineering practices and environmental protection.​ interpret existential risks for sustainability.​ describe foundational concepts in sustainability ​ appreciate for the significance of gender as a […]

Module 2: Digital Skills and e-Learning

Module Learning Objectives Ability to identify and characterize the various domains that make up the eLearning area and their social impact; Ability to discriminate concepts and issues in the area of eLearning as a transdiscipline; Concerning emerging ecosystems. Ex: ChatGPT Previous Module All Modules Next Module

Module 1: Problem Solving: STEM Breakthroughs to Global Challenges Module Learning Objectives Introduce foundational concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to provide students with a common understanding of the core principles. Encourage interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration among students from various STEM disciplines to cultivate holistic problem-solving approaches. Examine and analyze major global challenges, identifying their complexities and understanding the urgency of finding […]